Young People

If you are aged 13 – 24-years old you may not be aware of the services that are available to you through your GP surgery.  We are here to help you with all of your medical problems, physical or psychological – this could be directly with one of our GPs / nurses or indirectly by referring you on to a specialist or another service.  You can be seen in the Seaton Practice or in the Colyton Surgery, we are all one Practice and your records can be accessed through either surgery.


  1. Telephone the Practice – 01297 20877 (Seaton) or 01297 552728 (Colyton).  Receptionists in either Practice can book appointments for Seaton or Colyton
  2. Email the Practice – 
  3. Online Consultation– via the Practice website  You can consult the Practice GPs online, you will receive a reply within 24-hours

If you telephone the Practice you can make a routine appointment with a GP (ie:  book ahead, may take 1-2 weeks) or you can ‘phone first thing in the morning when the surgery opens (08:00 hours) to book an appointment on the day.  If you require an emergency appointment on the day because you are unwell and you feel your problem cannot wait then please explain this to the receptionist.  If you are able to give the receptionist some idea of your problem, it can help them to find you a suitable slot.  However, you do not have to explain your problem to reception if you prefer not to.

We offer GP appointments up to 18:00 hours on some evenings and we do have early appointments from 08:30 hours on some mornings.  You can ask reception for these appointments or you can book them online. 

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Contraception and Sexual Health

If you need emergency contraception then please do not be embarrassed; if you tell the receptionist then they will ask the doctor or nurse to see you or to ring you and arrange for you to have a prescription within a few hours.  WE GET LOTS OF REQUESTS FOR EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION.

If you are worried about sexually transmitted infections then you can either see the doctor or the nurse to arrange swabs.  If you do not want to see a member of our team here in Seaton or Colyton then we can give you the contact details of other agencies who can help:

  • The Centre, Exeter, 31 Sidwell Street, Exeter  EX4 6NN, Tel No:  01392 284982 / 284893 Drop-in ‘sit and wait’ sessions Monday–Friday from 09:30 – 15:30 hours or ring to book an appointment.  On Saturdays, the contraception service offers a ‘sit and wait’ session from 10:00 – 13:00 hours.
  • Dewdney Unit, Exmouth Hospital, Claremont Grove, Exmouth  EX8 2JN, Tel No: 01392 284982 / 01392 284983 ask for an Exmouth appointment Appointments only.
  • Sexwise  Sexual health and contraception for young people.
  • chlamydia screening to order a free chlamydia test online.  Alternatively you can pick up a free chlamydia kit from the pharmacy counter in Tesco, Seaton.
  • Free over the counter emergency contraception available from Tesco Seaton, Beer Pharmacy and Colyton Pharmacy for 13-24 year olds.


You have the right to confidential advice.  Please feel free to ask a member of staff if you have any worries about what you might choose to say to us.  We want to help.

All staff at this Practice have to be discreet about your presence here and respect your privacy.  You can be sure that anything you discuss will stay confidential, even if you are under 16.  We will not say anything to anyone, including a member of your family, care workers or teachers without your permission.

The only reason we might have to consider passing on confidential information you have shared with us without your permission would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm and we would always try to discuss this with you first.

Please come and have a chat.

What about parents / carers ?

You can contact us yourself, even if you are under 16, and patient confidentiality still applies in all but the most exceptional circumstances.

Young People and Stress

Many young people feel stressed although they often hide it.  Perhaps you are being bullied or abused, struggling at school / work or with your family.  May be someone you care about has died.  You may feel life is out of control and stress can even give you physical symptoms!

Call and ask to speak to one of our doctors.  You could also consider contacting the following services:

Mental Health Support and Information

There is so much information online that it is sometimes baffling; here are a number of recommended sites:

  • Young Minds, for information and self-help guidance on improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.
  •, and online free counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for children and young people.
  • Young Devon, support for all young people in Devon with counselling, housing advice, young carers, sexual health, Tel No:  01392 331666.
  • Mindshift is a free APP designed to help teams and young adults develop strategies to manage anxiety.
  • ‘Ways2Wellbeing’ is a social prescription scheme that offers one to one health coaching sessions. A coach will help you to feel more motivated, confident and in control. They do this through non-medical support which encourages the individual to stay in touch with friends or family, to take part in exercise, relaxation and much more. You can find out more at this website

School Nurse or Counsellor

There should be a school nurse or counsellor attached to your school / college, if not then you can contact the Public Health Nursing Hub in East Devon and ask to speak to the school nurse on duty – 09:00 – 17:00 hours Mon-Fri 0333 234 1903.  Alternatively you can text the school nurse on 07520 631722 and she will reply within 24-hours Mon-Fri (Chat Health).

  • The school nurse will be able to offer advice and support around
    adopting healthy lifestyle choices
  • sexual health and relationships
  • emotional and mental health
  • reducing risky behaviours
  • problems with eating


Provides free local support to young people with mental health issues in East Devon, sessions are in Axminster for 13-18 year olds and for 18-24 year olds.  Visit their website

Drug and Alcohol Services

You can always talk to the doctor about drug and alcohol problems.  Alternatively, consider:

  • Y-Smart which is the under 18’s drug and alcohol service for Devon,
  • Together is the drug and alcohol service for those over 18 in Devon who wish to address their drug and alcohol use, call 0800 233 5444 to arrange an appointment with them in Exeter or Honiton, or they will come to see you at the surgery in Seaton or Colyton.
  • FRANK, is a national website for drug and alcohol guidance.

Eating Disorder

Please talk to the doctor if you are having a problem with eating, especially if you have been losing weight.  Or you could consult online via the website if that is easier in the first instance.  Have a look at Beat online at for information and advice regarding eating disorders.  We will listen to you carefully and work out the best way to try and help you.

Any suggestions or complaints? 

If you feel you have a suggestion to improve the Practice or you have a complaint about us please feel free to contact us via our email address: