Attached Staff

The Community Nurses

Patients sometimes need to be looked after in their own homes and we have a team of specially trained community nurses led by Hayley Eate who provide this service. 

They are happy to advise patients and their families on matters of health and to teach relatives/carers how to care for patients in their own homes. 

They will also assist in contacting other organisations for services they cannot provide themselves and maintain regular contact with the patient’s GP and other professionals involved in the care of each patient.  The community nurses can be contacted at the surgery.

The Public Health Team

The health visitor, nursery nurse and school nurse can be contacted by telephoning 0333 234 1903.


There are times in many people’s lives when counselling provides a helpful solution to a problem.  Your GP may feel it is appropriate to refer you to the Mental Wellbeing and Access Service.  In most circumstances you will be seen by a member of their team at the surgery.


As well as our physiotherapy team who work from Seaton Hospital, we have a visiting physiotherapist who uses a room in the practice on an ad hoc basis.  For more details, see this website Jurassic Physio